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As a Naval Helicopter pilot, the last thing on my mind was shoelaces. This changed when I realized how difficult it was for my younger brother, people with coordination disablities  and fellow veterans with missing upper limbs  to tie shoelaces. The daily task of tying shoelaces is not often that simple.


They are not alone. There are many people with short or long term disabilities that hinder their ability to fasten current lacing systems. 


Since the majority of shoes require conventional shoelaces, I wanted to create a shoelace that would resemble a conventional shoelace but easier to fasten and unfasten without using knots, twists or hooks. An adjustable non-elastic lace that could be fasten with one finger or less.  One that would fit all types of shoes, look elegant, casual, sporty and have no excess lace.


I had to learn a lot about the shoelace world.  After several years of trial and error, and going around the globe, SIMPLE-LACES came to fruition.


I want to thank all those people in the shoelace industry who were kind enough to spend their precious time educating me in the process on what it takes to create a simple shoelace.


My goal is to make the daily task of fastening shoes easy and fun, without the worry of laces coming untied, for all people and to help those organizations that contribute so much in assisting individuals with special needs and disabilties. 


The best compliment I had so far was: "I thought they were regular shoelaces." 




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