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As a Naval Helicopter pilot, the last thing on my mind was shoelaces. This changed when my younger brother, who has hand coordination difficulties, moved in with me. While buying shoes, I noticed the disillusion in his eyes when finding a pair that he liked but had conventional laces. I hadn’t realized the limited number of shoes that don’t require conventional shoelaces, specifically in the sneakers/sports and formal wear.


Like my brother, there are millions of people who suffer from upper limb disabilities, either short or long term but can still participate in sports activities: From Special Olympics to Paralympics. Unfortunately the task of tying shoelaces is not that simple for them—at times even impossible.


Anyone who wears shoes with laces experienced the constant annoyance of laces coming undone accidentally or tying/untying double or tipple knots in order to remain fasten. Elastic laces are not ideal for sport shoes, as they put unequal pressure on your foot and the shoe can easily slip off.


Senior and caregivers have to take in consideration shoes with laces. Having shoelaces come untied can be very problematic for seniors as it can cause them to trip and fall.


The problem isn’t with the amount of shoes in the market, it’s their fastening system.


The solution was a shoelace that would fit any shoe, accommodate your foot size, easy to fasten, unfasten, not come loose accidentally, eliminate excess lace and be aesthetically pleasing.


I had to learn a lot about the shoelace world.  After several years of trial and error, and going around the globe, SIMPLE-LACES came to fruition.


SIMPLE-LACES are non-elastic, adjustable, press shoelaces. SIMPLE-LACES use the hook and loop concept (also known as VELCRO ®) and it only requires one finger to fasten and unfasten. They won’t come loose accidentally and any excess lace is cut off. SIMPLE-LACES are easy to insert and take out and require no extra hardware to fasten. The laces fit all types of shoes that have eyelets or holes. The laces resemble conventional shoelaces once fastened, thus providing a casual, sporty, or dressy appearance.

I want to thank all those people in the shoelace industry who were kind enough to spend their precious time educating me in the process on what it takes to create a simple shoelace.


My goal is to make the daily task of fastening shoes effortless and to help those organizations that contribute so much in assisting individuals with special needs and disabilities. 


The best compliment I had so far was: "I thought they were regular shoelaces."


Thank you for helping.


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