WHY TIE SHOES?                  Short or long term disabilities or injuries that make tying laces difficult or impossible? Or just tired of tying knots that come loose?                  Make any shoe look, fit, and feel better with Simple-Laces.  Just press and go.  WHY KNOT!

From casual, sporty to dress wear - You will enjoy Simple-Laces.  They are easy and simple to install, fasten and unfasten without knots, twists or extra hardware and will fit in any shoe that has eyelets, holes or loops.  It only takes one finger to fasten and unfasten. Ideal for people who have short or long term injuiries or disabilities that hinder their ability to fasten current lacing systems.

One finger press

Takes only one finger to fasten.

No Tripping

Excess lace can be cut off.  Even when the laces are unfasten, there is no possibility to trip over them. 


Insert, cut. It's that simple.



They don't turn the shoe into a slip on. There is no unequal pressure along the top of the foot because the laces can be fastened to fit your foot comfortably and can be unfastened to easily insert your foot back into the shoe.

No need to bend down

You can use a reacher

(Left side) unlike regular laces (Right side)

Great for working boots.

Strong Grip

The patent design allows the material to bind strongly.

No-knot sense

No need to tie, twist or use of extra hardware to fasten.

sporty, dressy, casual

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